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Bavaria is one of Germany's most affluent areas. Over the past few decades, it has been a great transformation from agriculture to high tech industries. Automobile manufacturing industry is one of the core industries of Bavaria, has a long history and tradition. Here is also the home of the world famous automobile brand BMW .

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Fenestration BAU China mit bayerischer Beteiligung: Sichern Sie sich jetzt Ihren Messestand!

2017-5-15 17:57

Die Messe München hat Ihr Engagement in China im Baubereich erweitert und der Freistaat Bayern ist mit dabei. Die brandneue Messe Fenestration BAU China, geht aus der bisher stattgefunden Fenestration China sowie dem BAU Congress China hervor.

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Jetzt anmelden bei Bayern International: Maschinenbau-Messe DMP 2017 in Süd-China

2017-4-7 11:44

19th DMP China Dongguan International Mould, Metalworking, Plastics & Packaging Exhibition

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German Design Spirit. Smart Brands from Bavaria

2016-11-28 16:39

Bayern design presents innovative labels and designer from Bavaria in the exclusive sales exhibition GERMAN DESIGN SPIRIT. SMART BRANDS FROM BAVARIA from November 25th through December 25th 2016 at PMQ in downtown Hong Kong. The exhibitions shows promising young designers and labels of fashion, accessory, interior design and life-style products at PMQ, a creative hub with pop-up stores, creative agencies and close to 100 stores in downtown Hong Kong. The designers and labels have been selected by bayern design, the international design centre of the Freestate of Bavaria, Germany.

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Business Bavaria Newsletter Issue 04

2016-9-26 16:00

NEWS: The accelerator scene of Bavaria is growing

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Regional Leaders Summit – Small satellites

2016-8-18 15:00

A paradigm shift is emerging in spacecraft engineering from single, large, and multifunctional satellites towards cooperating groups of small satellites, forming a sensor network in orbit. This will enable innovative approaches in areas like Earth observation, science exploration or telecommunication. Crucial interdisciplinary key challenges in formation control and in networked satellites are topic of this research proposal. Modern miniaturization techniques allow realization of satellites with continuously smaller masses, thus enabling cost-efficient implementation of distributed multi-satellite systems. Currently, state-of-the-art research in the field of small satellites involves formations of only two satellites.

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